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  • Citclops is supported by the EC-FP7 Programme, grant agreement nº 308469


Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring

Upcoming: Citclops@OSD, 21 June 2014

On this year´s summer solstice (or winter solstice at the other side of earth) more than 150 people will take part in one of the largest sampling efforts on biodiversity worldwide: The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD), 21 June 2014. Citclops and the University Oldenburg are participating in the event. We will provide a biodiversity sample, as well as additional measurements on environmental conditions. These are important for the interpretation of the biological dataset. With joined efforts we can reach even more, hence we will provide such accessory data with both, the OSD- and Citclops apps from our backyard, the Wadden Sea.

To complete the picture between more than 150 sites worldwide we need your help! Get engaged and use both, the OSD- and Citclops apps  and measure water colour, transparency and more at a coastal or ocean site of your choice on 21 June 2014. Measurements of water colour are easily done with the Citclops app. Just follow the instructions given at each step. During these steps, you can also include transparency measurements with a Secchi disk. How that works? Watch a short video on original measurements here. Of course, the use of the Citclops App is not restricted to the OSD