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  • Citclops is supported by the EC-FP7 Programme, grant agreement nº 308469


Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring

The consortium

Citclops addresses challenges in a very novel manner: besides creating software code, individual sensor tools, programs and components to be demonstrated to the EC and shown at specific events, the project will create a hands-on multi-purpose series of prototypes which can be used directly by all members of the target audience (citizens and policy makers) throughout the lifetime of the project and beyond. The project addresses potential major barriers in the following ways:

Citclops team group picture - Maria Röbbelen // 2014 03 16_9405_1024.png (691 K)Bringing together a strong consortium of partners, from academia and technology centres (BDIGITAL, CSIC, UNIOL, NIOZ and VU-VUmc), industry (Kinetical, TriOS, MARIS and NOVELTIS) and end-user organisations (TCD-Coastwatch and Deltares), with wide experience of service deployment to create demonstration environments that can be used directly by a number of different target audiences. The demonstrations (open house events) will be live (through most of the lifetime of the project) and interactive, with users able to understand the effects of the deployment of Citclops systems and services.Linking together organisations from five countries (Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Ireland) in northern and southern Europe to participate in the development and use of the proposed technology. In addition Citclops will be linked to the global network of monitoring projects and this will enable all partners to interact directly with platforms/services deployed by organisations worldwide.


Bdigital - logo // bdigital_logo.png (96 K)    Fundació Privada Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic
 CSIC - logo // csic_logo.png (61 K)   Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
 UNIOL - logo // uniol_logo.png (67 K)   Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (UNIOL)
 NIOZ - logo // nioz_logo.png (55 K)   Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)
The Netherlands
 Kinetical - logo // kinetical_logo.png (60 K)   Kinetical Business S.L.
 TRIOS - logo // trios_logo.png (104 K)   TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH
 MARIS - logo // maris_logo.png (81 K)   Mariene Informatie Service MARIS BV
The Netherlands
 Noveltis - logo // noveltis_logo.png (69 K)   Noveltis SAS
 TCD coastwatch - logo // tcd_logo.png (78 K)   Trinity College Dublin (Coastwatch Europe)
 VU - logo // vu_logo.png (79 K)   Stichting VU/VUmc
 Deltares - logo // deltares_logo.png (74 K)   Stichting Deltares
The Netherlands