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Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring

Citclops @ European Maritime Day

Maritime days BremenUnder the best sunny conditions, we participated at the European Maritime Day 2014 - which in fact is really Maritime Days- in the hanseatic city of Bremen, Germany. On a public day on Sunday 18 May, scientific topics and research vessels were presented by multiple maritime research institutions along a Research Alley. Here, also Citclops´ aims, the idea of citizen observatories, our smartphone apps and ways to engage in environmental monitoring were brought to citizens from all over the world in a “Citizen Science” area, kindly shared with us by the team of the Ocean Sampling Day, and we thank the team and all the people that visited us there to learn more about our project.

From 20 – 21 May, workshops and conference session provided space for discussions on future efforts towards blue growth and its limits. The importance of citizen engagement and environmental stewardship were often cited during these days. We are glad to provide within Citclops easy measurement techniques for citizen scientists and space for discussion, which offer the general public a chance to get engaged in environmental monitoring and stewardship. The next EMD will take place in Piraeus, Greece in 2015.

EMD app demo EMD FU demo