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  • Citclops is supported by the EC-FP7 Programme, grant agreement nº 308469


Citizens’ Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring

Overview of Citclops observations

Forel-Ule instruction (English)

Educational instruction movie in English about measuring water colour using the Forel Ule scale.

Water colour over the globe

This video shows the change of water colour along a ship track crossing the Pacific ocean.

Seas of colour

What is the colour of the sea? You never think about it. Dr. Marcel Wernand, physical oceanographer at NIOZ, tells about his research.


View all app observations visit www.eyeonwater.org

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About the project

Read more about the Citclops project, its background and the objectives in this section.

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Get the app!

The Citclops app is replaced by the EyeonWater app. Download it, help us, volunteer and test it.

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